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Astrowright staff appears with scientists from SwRI, Johns Hopkins University, others on new Weather Channel series

We at Astrowright are pleased to report that our Principal Research Scientist is appearing alongside leading national and international researchers to discuss astronomy, geology, and planetary science in the context of a new series currently airing on The Weather Channel.

Ben McGee, as seen interviewed on “Forecasting the End.” (Image credit: The Weather Channel)

The television project, entitled, “Forecasting the End,” includes post-doctoral researchers, professors, and scientists from vanguard institutions such as the Southwest Research Institute, the B612 Foundation, and Johns Hopkins University’s Applied Physics Laboratory, who help viewers explore low-probability, high-impact disaster scenarios.  These include planetary, cosmic and astrophysical events such as asteroid impacts, orbital perturbations, and gamma-ray bursts from nearby stars.

A gravity-induced orbital perturbation as depicted on Forecasting the End. (Credit: The Weather Channel)

Using these disaster scenarios to explore hypothetical weather catastrophes, the series emphasizes current research in asteroid detection and mitigation, radiation detection and protection, as well as long-term cryostorage of plant and animal tissues viable for reproduction, which is applicable to the space environment.

The show airs on Thursdays at 9:00pm, (8:00 central).

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Astrowright presents Spacecraft Forensics at World Archaeology Congress 7

Astrowright, in combination with the Desert Research Institute, recently presented research on the forensics of Solar System escape trajectory spacecraft at the 7th World Archaeology Congress in Jordan.  Held January 13-18, the symposium is a gathering place for the global exchange of frontier archaeological concepts, discoveries, and research.


By presenting a novel reduction of terrestrial spacecraft from an archaeological point of view, it was argued that a spacecraft’s materials and physical attributes themselves were of far greater informational value than the novelty plaques and discs encoded with messages intended for hypothetical future recovery by an extraterrestrial intelligence.

Future work exploring the informational value of spacecraft is currently in-progress.  Please contact info@astrowright.com for additional information.

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Skybuster Sale for Small Business Saturday!

We at Astrowright are excited to offer a limited-time skybuster promotional sale for Small Business Saturday tomorrow, November 24th!  To help star-bound customers both old and new, we’re offering a hypoxia-inducing 50% discount on all preflight fitness services to anyone who contacts us to arrange a purchase this Saturday!

For adventurers or researchers seeking to improve their physical fitness for high-g loading and microgravity agility for an upcoming jet training flight or spaceflight, Astrowright is here to help.  Be sure to contact us tomorrow, November 24th, to request a quote and take advantage of our unprecedented Small Business Saturday 50% skybuster discount at info@astrowright.com!

For more information and details about our preflight fitness training programs and other services, visit our website at http://www.astrowright.com.

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