Astrowright presents Spacecraft Forensics at World Archaeology Congress 7

Astrowright, in combination with the Desert Research Institute, recently presented research on the forensics of Solar System escape trajectory spacecraft at the 7th World Archaeology Congress in Jordan.  Held January 13-18, the symposium is a gathering place for the global exchange of frontier archaeological concepts, discoveries, and research.


By presenting a novel reduction of terrestrial spacecraft from an archaeological point of view, it was argued that a spacecraft’s materials and physical attributes themselves were of far greater informational value than the novelty plaques and discs encoded with messages intended for hypothetical future recovery by an extraterrestrial intelligence.

Future work exploring the informational value of spacecraft is currently in-progress.  Please contact for additional information.

About astrowright

Geologist, hydrologist, environmental scientist, meteorologist, radiological engineer, adjunct college instructor, federal emergency responder, author, jazz musician, and NewSpace entrepreneur. Founder and Principal Research Scientist of Astrowright Spaceflight Consulting LLC.
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