Astrowright researcher appears in Newsweek

McGee at left, all systems go. (Credit: Andrew Hetherington for Newsweek)

While not by name, look for Astrowright Research Scientist Ben McGee in the July 18, 2011 hardcopy edition of Newsweek magazine.  (The article is available online now.)  Entitled, “The Next Space Race – Private Companies Fill the Void Left by the Space Shuttle,” the article details commercial scientist-astronaut training at the NASTAR Center and the role of private space in the post-Shuttle era. 

Credit: Andrew Hetherington for Newsweek

As a participant in the training cadre along with Newsweek author Tony Dokoupil, McGee appears in the article twice.  The first appearance is in the article’s second image at far left (above) and in the third image as the trainee fourth from the left (image at right). 

As the article explains, the advent of commercial spaceflight will necessitate the rise of private support service providers as well as the development of commercial spaceflight professionals.  In providing industry-pioneering preflight fitness training, personal spaceflight radiation dosimetry, spacecraft ergonomics assessments, micro and high-g product testing services, and charter payload specialists, Astrowright Spaceflight Consulting LLC aims to play a significant role in this “Next Space Race.” 

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Geologist, hydrologist, environmental scientist, meteorologist, radiological engineer, adjunct college instructor, federal emergency responder, author, jazz musician, and NewSpace entrepreneur. Founder and Principal Research Scientist of Astrowright Spaceflight Consulting LLC.
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